Simplicity Is A Key to Better Life | Philosophy


Perfectionists always have hard time finding pieces and objects we truly love. High standard or aesthetics? It's bigger than that, a way of life.


Steve Jobs and Minimalism
Steve Jobs at his home in Woodside, 1982. Photo by Diana Walker

Let simplicity speak itself rather than surrounding us with "pretty garbages" and clutters.


And Steve Jobs knew. He understood how impactful it is for what's surrounding us physically outside is to our mind, inside. Not to mention time, energy and mental capacity picking and selecting that perfectly right piece, which is rare for us perfectionists with high standards and aesthetically talented/ sensitive people. We'd rather want to use all those precious fuel for our own creation. Crafting is one thing, but reaching to mastery and creating a masterpiece is another.

Jobs did it for furnitures, we do it for style. When it comes to fashion, especially clothing, options can be even more endless. And we choose what to wear and how to style, every single day. Can you imagine, how many minutes and hours we are using everyday, every morning for work and some nights for going-outs, doing "what should I wear today?" "which goes well with which?" Sure it can be a fun part of life, but can you also imagine what could have happen in your career and projects now if you'd rather used all those time, energy, creativity and most of all, that decision-making brain power of yours, all of them directly invested in something meaningful to you? Your legacy? 

 Don't judge a book by its cover, but how we look, not for how pretty or fit we are but for how we present/show ourselves to the world is a silence that speaks louder than a word. How attractive you are is not something we have choose, but how we dress is where our control lies. What we wear have bigger influence than we assume. You won't want to wear worn and torn T-shirt with stains when you go to an important dinner party or interviews. It will be rude or inappropriate as a guest or someone who's trying to show you are worth for what's your employee is looking for, whether your intention was there or not. 

 Style speaks a lot about who we are. It can be never ignored, not just because it's fun, beautiful and mood-changing, but also for it's an extension and expression of ourselves. Styling is indeed powerful and impactful presentation of self without speaking a word or introducing ourselves to anyone. But great style can be done without sacrificing so much of our valuable assets everyday; time, energy, creativity and mental capacity. Enters the philosophy. Either you call it minimalism or essentialism, it sure is something bigger than just fashion. Don't overcomplicate it. Stick to this one principle: be simple. This one rule can apply to any part of your life, and will have a huge impact everyday from productivity to mood and gradually with accumulation, ultimately your life's work and quality of life. 

There's this huge courage it takes for us to create and show up everyday no matter what. It's the first and the most difficult step. That's already taking lots of us, so let's not waste no more of anything other than creating. Being a conscious consumer might take lots of research, time and literally "consciousness," on top of that hiring a personal stylist isn't that quickly and easily accessible to everyone. So how do you achieve a great style without sacrificing so much? Start with few brands you can trust and buy from them, but only few pieces that can last long. When it comes to long lasting items, consider not just high quality materials, but also great design, that's practical enough you can actually wear everyday and harmonizing with any outfit choices and love for a long time. Sustainability can apply to recycles and materials as well as great design.

"Buy less, be more" is the principle why we exist and strictly follow in every process of the business (and any legendary knows why.) We believe jewelry is small, but whatever outfit you go for, it's that small piece that changes, finishes, shifts and determines the whole feels of your look. If you seek to achieve great style with minimal and least efforts while hoping for maximum results, the answer might lie on the one right jewelry.


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