Care & Quality Promise



Quality Inside Out 

in (base metal): Never on brass, copper or stainless steel, which is usually cheaper materials that lots of fine to demi-fine jewelry brands use as base before coating/ plating.

out: highest quality gold vermeil/ plating.

Gold vermeil quality_dal hae jewelry

lots of jewelry companies promise good quality coating. But did you know, on what?

Majority Demi-fine to fine jewelry brands coat gold/silver on brass and unknown metals. You will be able to easily find in the description as just 'metal.'

Ours is coated on the highest quality and hard to bend silver portion, which is 92.5 silver (not 100. 100% silver is less enduring nor lasting due to its flexibility, which is it’s more likely to bend its form/ change the structure as time passes.)

All our product is coated on the 925 silver/ sterling silver, which is already perfectly ready-to-wear pieces if you initially wanted to purchase silver "colored" jewelry.


if you look closely in the description of product details, it's easy to find the material as ambiguously described as 'metal' or 'silver-tone.' Brass is also one of the most common cheap materials used in demi-fine to even fine jewelry brands.


Daily Dainty for Durability

The more often you wear it, the less lifespan it has. In the end, nothing lasts forever. And it's very difficult to accurately predict how long a jewelry/ plating/ vermeil last. How long will it last? Answer relies on lifestyle you have; hobbies and habits. We recommend you make a habit of taking it off before you are exposed to any kind of liquids and chemicals. (Again, it's still okay to wear it during shower and gym, but it won't make it last and shine forever.) But our difference and promise is that we work hard and close with the best experts in the industry, who only uses the higher standard of metals than normal/ average, what mass market uses. 


Dainty with Details & Dedication

Bulky and chunkier pieces are easier and faster to make, which is prone to mass manufactured than carefully crafted, less attention and less skills required. Finer lines and pieces with more details need more attention, time and touch, either hand or not. This is where not all hand-made is always better conversation comes in. 


Jewelry as Skincare | Allergy safe & Nickel-free

Our jewelry built to make you shine. To complement your skin. So our jewelry design are never overpowering itself. (Because you're supposed to be the heroine and the star, not an object.) We consider every piece in the collection as skincare products, that you can "apply" to enhance the bare skin and give it extra glow. Our pieces aim to be a part of you, like your second skin. Feels good and comfortable on your skin.

ALL our jewelry is nickel free, we do not add nickel to any of our silver or gold jewelry. Nickel is however a trace metal so in some cases you might find a trace of it, but not to the extent that you need to worry about getting allergic reaction. 



Sterling Silver

All Dal Hae silver jewelry is made with sterling silver/ 925 silver. You will find a stamp with the mark 925 in every single Dal Hae jewelry piece.

925 silver sterling silver jewelry_dal hae jewelry

Gold Vermeil 

Dal Hae gold jewelry is made from 14K gold vermeil unless otherwise stated.

gold plating vs gold vermeil_dal hae jewelry

Vermeil > Plating: Simply put, plating is thin layer of colors on base metal; from silver, gold to rosegold. Vermeil means more durable with better quality and strength of metals used for jewelry.  our plating is from one of the worlds leading manufacturers.




Jewelry Care 
Please treat and wear your jewelry with care. Store jewelry separately in an airtight bag or container and remove before going to sleep. 

DH Jewelry is made with fine materials and use higher quality standard from sterling silver to 14k gold. But still liquids are not the best friend to your jewelry.

Movement | We love active lifestyle. Doing any sport in DH jewelry is fine, but it won't make them last longer and might make it lose some initial shine. If you want your jewelry last longer, take them off before jumping into pool, going to cycling class, or making an ocean trip.

Self-care | We take care of ourselves. Whether you are on your daily skincare routines, or weekly exfoliating and nourishing spa time, try to avoid contact with water, creams, perfumes, hairspray, body oils or any liquid you can think of you can find on your vanity and bathrooms. Again, it will be fine to wear them even in shower (founder's personal experience), the best care is to put them away from moisture as it can cause rapid oxidization.