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Heroine & Heroinism

Dressing up for mood/ boosting extra confidence is all good. But if there's one mission we have is to put all the spotlight on you, the wearer. And that reflects on everything we do: design, quality, weight and curation.

Because you are the heroine. We exist for the ones who go extra mile, the hustlers, the poets, the philosophers, the artists, makers, creator and rebels, innovators.

'DHheroine' doesn't have time for browsing and shopping for noises, not to mention she deserves only the best. So we were born, exists and strives to be the signal. We design and curate only the best, the essentials, the details, so you can focus on the big picture and create your own masterpiece.

We don't seek muses. We are our own muses? But we think you are more than a muse. Being a muse and staying as a subject for great creation for somebody else's masterpiece, is not for us.

We don't just stay as an inspiration for someone else's story. We make our own masterpiece.

We are the creators of that painting. We are the storytellers. We decide what will happen.



Join me & be my heroine.
Let's build a community of Super-heroines, together.