Dal Hae is a demi-fine to fine jewelry line specializing in using the highest quality materials, all ethically sourced and exclusively working with skilled experts who dedicated their life for generations and decades in the one thing; dainty jewelry. 


dalhae translation 

Every, day to night.
Derived from Korean language,
Dal means "the Moon" & Hae means "the Sun."

It was inspired by passionate women (and men) who work tirelessly for what they love, create and innovate, every "night" and day. 


 Empowering You to Create Masterpiece

Dal (the Moon) came before Hae (the Sun), inspired by your countless late or sleepless nights you're happy to have for the projects you love.  When you are in flow, you forget your time. But no matter when it is, DalHae wishes to be with you.  


Our DNA: Innovation 

Born from the spirit of innovation in the heart of innovation.

We are based in the San Francisco bay area, always getting inspired by those who always do extra, in the heart of innovation.

And we only partner with jewelers with decades of expertises and dedication in what they do, not to mention everything in-house. Think single-origin coffee. We produce and process everything in one place per item. The great quality and durability comes from there, because the materials are not getting mixed up with residues of some random unknown sources, or anything below standard. Plus we don't outsource anything to make sure of it. 

Most importantly, the jewelers we work with are special. Not just their time of dedication, but innovative and delicate technology like no other make it possible for both quality and design.

The greatest strength we have compared to any other brand is our attention to the details, while staying simple and sleek. Always sophisticated and lightweight, jewelry that becomes one with your movement, and getting a shine from any angle. Jewelry you will live in.