Philosophy | Essentialism

The Essentialism 

Make a room for greatness

Essentialism is not just philosophy we can learn, but a way of life we can apply to everything in our life.

Save time and energy, mental capacity and decision making ability. so you can make more important decision on your project, on your creation, on your new venture, that life-changing thing for you.

Quality / Sustainability   

Unlike majority of demi-fine jewelry brands you can find online or offline, our gold jewelry is not gold plating. It might have the same high shine finish and look like a gold or silver jewelry, but don't be fooled by its look. There's a good chance it might be plated on brass, steel, and titanium. These 3 metals are used by lots of brands as a base before plating.  

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Say no to pretty garbages.

Thoughtfully designed with details and carefully curated for women who’s busy creating her masterpiece everyday. Your time and energy is too precious to be wasted on picking "stuffs." Especially the ones that doesn't last, and will be thrown away soon, either out of boredom or poor quality.

Just like the same t-shirt everyday rule, we not only care about designs and quality, but we go an extra mile, just like you. Design and quality is the norm. And you and I don't stay as norms. We actually help you in your everyday, in real life, practically and functionally. 


Thoughtful & Conscious Collection: The Ultimate Jewelry Capsule Wardrobe

Find Signals, discard Noises.

The core philosophy of essentialism behind the brand applies to our curation of collection itself and each item. 

We don't aim to sell more to you. The world is already filled with too many stuffs, and everyone's shouting more, more and more. We want to go the opposite direction of that.

We believe consuming is a way of life too. And life can be tough without some principles and philosophy to follow. 


Our collection is the extension of philosophy, a way of life, the way you and I do everything around it. 

We don't put random stuffs just to sell more and more. Everything in the collection is carefully curated, to support the way of life with the philosophy. 

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"Buy Once, Wear daily, day and night & Own them forever."